A beginning after the end


About a year ago, I learned my dog, Josie, was sick. She had a nasal tumor. After months and months fighting an uphill battle, she passed away peacefully on October 3rd.

It was suddenly just me and my other dog Bear, all alone in my house.

The house was eerily quiet. Being a senior dog, Bear is very low key and quiet. I couldn’t tell if he missed having a companion or not. All I knew was there was no barking. No playing with toys. No chewing of bones.


I started thinking about making room for another dog in the house. I started monitoring local shelter and rescue sites. But then I looked around my house and realized it was in no condition for a new member. I had a handful of half finish projects. So I made a deal with myself – finish the projects and then consider welcoming a new dog to the family.

I made a lot of progress towards finishing stuff. But then there was the Saturday I found myself at Lowe’s getting supplies. Lowe’s happens to be next to PetSmart where one of the local shelters has adoption events every weekend.

I couldn’t resist. I walked in and made a beeline for the back wall where all the dogs were.

One was barking – I heard it before I even entered the building.

As I approached the crates, I instantly spotted this one stunning looking girl. Just laying there. She didn’t make a sound. She barely noticed me. But when I leaned down to get a closer look, she rolled over and invited me to rub under her chin.

I knew Bear and I were still not ready – it was way too soon. Plus, she was literally the first dog I saw. No way she’d be the perfect match for us.

So I got up, said goodbye to her and left. Compared to the barking dog, she was great. Surely someone would adopt her soon.

When I got home, I got on the shelter’s Facebook page to see if they had additional pictures or information about her. Not much.

A couple of weeks went by. My projects were closer to done (still not done, but closer). And once again, I found myself at Lowe’s on the weekend.

“I should go check if she’s there,” I told myself. So over to PetSmart I went.

The barking dog was there, but she wasn’t. I was a bit relieved since I still wasn’t ready. But this dog had definitely made an impression on me.

The very next weekend, it happened again. Had to go to Lowe’s (this is what happens when I work on projects). I told myself I wasn’t going to check the shelter dogs. I told myself this.

I was still telling myself this as I entered the building to the sound of barking dogs.

This time, she was there. Ignoring everything and everyone around her.

I had decided it was a bad decision, but I made it anyway. She came home with me that day.

Meet River.


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