What’s in a name?

IMG_5893For her first few days, I referred to the new dog as “TBD”. Well, not to her face. I’m convinced she thought her name was Bear. Because I kept referring to Bear when she happened to be around. With her I would use nothing, other then get her attention with food or eye contact.

I’ve never named a dog before. Josie and Bear both came with their names, and they never quite fit, but I kept them. I wanted a name that fit, and one that I liked.

I started thinking. (It was hard.)

I then started going through the treasure trove of names from various geeky things I like.

River was the one that stuck out.

What can I say, I love Firefly and of all the names from Firefly, River fits in well.

That didn’t stop me from asking for help from my friends and family. There were some good suggestions too:

  • Patches
  • Brownie
  • Cookie
  • Java
  • Bay
  • Chesapeake
  • Shinnecock
  • Bingo
  • Watson
  • Mensa
  • DeeOgee

During the discussion, one of my friends commented:

River is good. When she’s staring people down for food, you can offhandedly comment “She can kill you with her brain, you know. You might want to share.”

It was then that I knew it was the perfect name for her.

And her name fits in so many ways. She does give me a look from time to time, which I’m sure can be summed up with “I can kill you with my brain.” Plus her coloring reminds me of a rippling river. Add to that, she is kind of a mystery, just like the character from Firefly.

I had officially decided – her name is River.



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