Old dog, new tricks

With River’s arrival, I did worry how Bear would do. Bear is a grumpy old man. He’s kinda set in his ways. Doesn’t like to be bothered much. And loves to just chill and sleep.

After my other dog,  Josie, passed away, I was worried how Bear would respond to the now empty house. As best I could tell, he was just himself. I didn’t know if introducing a new member to the family would be good for him or bad.

Well, during River’s first night, Bear wasn’t entirely sure what to do.  He just knew his bed was his and hers was hers.


It didn’t take long before River was testing the “bed” boundary and trying to get Bear to play.  He was grumpy, but smiling the whole time.


Finally, Bear relented and played with his new friend.  He acts all grumpy, but I think he really, really likes his new friend.

Even when she steals his bed.



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