How do you spell that?

Saturday, one day short of a full week of owning River, I went to the local county animal shelter to get her and Bear a license. I decided once I did that, there was no going back – River would be officially part of the family.

The animal control officer was great. He filled out Bear’s information without any problems.  When he got to River’s, he asked what her name was.IMG_5885

“River,” I said.

“How do you spell that?” he asked.

“Wait…what?” I was confused. How could someone not know how to spell River?

“Well, folks further out on the Northern Neck spell it with a ‘ah’ instead of an ‘er’. So its like how they say it: ‘Rivah'” He explained, with a strong southern accent.

“Uh, I spell it with an ‘er’,” I said, not really hiding my confusion that anyone would spell it any differently.

I paid for the license, returned to my truck and shook my head.

“Rivah,” I said to myself.  Seriously, who would have thought.


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