Long days

I woke up this morning shortly before 0400.  I had an early morning meeting a couple hours north. Not my normal work day.

The pups took no notice of the dark as I got ready. They eagerly ran outside and did their normal morning routine. Even though my stomach had yet to wake up at that hour, theirs was working just fine.

I was concerned about them left all alone all day long while I was gone. I had a neighbor check in on them. She noted one thing – Bear’s hips seemed off. It’s rainy today. Perhaps the weather was causing him more pain then normal.

I was home by 1500. Earlier then usual, but long after I had left them that morning.

River was literally bouncing off walls. Bear was his usual mellow self.

After River calmed down a bit, she curled up next to me. It wasn’t until Bear jumped up on the couch she decided to be a true lap dog. I let her lay in a ball in my lap for a while before getting up.

She and Bear were nice enough to stay put. Just imagine me in the seat where River is.


I think me moving was her plan all along – she really likes that spot on the couch.


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