Winter’s past

Happy Wiggle Butt

I’m from New York.  That means I expect snow in December.  However, I live in Virginia. That means I expect temperatures ranging from 80 to 20 in December.  I’ve adapted.

But I still remember the one December that was awesome. It was 2009. It snowed.

And snowed.

And snowed.

Did I mention, we had snow?

It was awesome.

Josie did not think it was awesome. She acted like she hated the snow (secretly, I think she loved it). It made her wet. And cold. Bear was different – it stuck to him like glue – completely covering him.


I recall this one particular storm lasting overnight, from Dec 19 through the 20th. I kept watching it accumulate, amazed this was happening in Virginia of all places. By morning, my deck was buried. I was worried it might not hold (not really – I built a strong deck).


In the morning…

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