Water dog

As you might recall, none of my previous dogs have been water dogs. In fact, they were adamantly not water dogs.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have one in the family.

Josie, Bear and I first met Bailey in 2011. She’s a golden retriever and LOVES to swim.


She didn’t even care that it was December.

Last year, Josie and Bear got to hang out with Bailey some more. She still insisted on swimming. By now, it had become a routine for her:

  • Throw toy off dock
  • Jump towards toy
  • Swim to toy
  • Retrieve toy
  • Try and retrieve other toys still in water
  • Swim to shore
  • Drop toy(s)
  • Run back to dock
  • Repeat until tired

She’s pretty good and I’m sure could go for hours and hours.

Josie and Bear weren’t too sure about this routine. But that didn’t stop them from watching the fun.


The only problem was,sometimes they didn’t get out of Bailey’s way fast enough as she came running through to fetch the next toy. Josie almost fell off the dock at least once. That didn’t stop her from being in the middle of the action.


After a good swim session, all the dogs relaxed in the common dog area. Including another family member – a black dog named Play-Doh.


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