The original vet I used to take the dogs to was never a pleasant experience.  None of my dogs enjoyed going there. One of the reasons was the metal table in the exam rooms. For exams, the vet would put the dog up on the table. For bigger dogs, they could lower this table and then raise the table with the dog on it. And even though I could easily pick my dogs up to put on the table, the vet always insisted on lowering the table for my dogs.

IMG_2047One of Bear’s first encounters with this moving table did not go well. He freaked out.  It resulted in him expressing his anal glands. Messy, but I really couldn’t blame him for being scared. He’s pretty low key, very relaxed but scares easily, especially when I first got him. But when he is scared, he just wants to run and hide from the world. So, I understand why he would be terrified of the moving table in a strange place with strange people around. Poor Bear.

A year or two after that, we were at the vet for his annual checkup. After the vet assistant escorted us into the exam room, she asked, “Does Bear need a muzzle?”

What in the world? Bear? Imagine the least aggressive dog possible – I will bet money Bear is less aggressive than whatever dog you are imaging.

“Uh – no.” I replied, completely stunned by the question.

When I was checking out, I spotted his chart. At the very top in large letters was the following:


It was even highlighted, to bring attention to it.

I thought back to the day he was scared of the table. Apparently, due to that incident he was forever labeled as a dog requiring caution around.

I just shook my head, knowing if they really knew my dog, they would know how absurd that label was.

Today was Bear’s annual checkup at his new vet. It reminded my why I’m so thankful he no longer goes to the vet that thinks he needs a muzzle.



2 thoughts on “Caution!

  1. Mom was just saying that a good vet is so hard to find. At my original vet’s office, there were 6 doctors. She enjoyed 5 out of the 6 personality-wise. Medically, she thinks they all failed her with Khia AND Mya seeing as both dogs saw multiple doctors in their last few weeks. After we left there, we did the mobile vet thing. Again, nice people but didn’t trust them with us. Then we went to the next one. Mom really liked her but she’s inexperienced and Mom’s not ready to let us be guinea pigs. Now we’re at the new vet who’s taking care of Molly. Mom is still suspicious but he sees all the dogs at her friend’s rescue. That’s a lot of dogs going in and out. So my paws are crossed. We’re glad you found a vet you like AND can trust. *ear licks* Noodle

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    1. I really lucked out with my new vet. There are 3 vets there, and so far I like them all and the entire staff seems really awesome. Without a doubt I know my previous vet failed Josie big time and I should have left sooner than I did. I also think one of the oncologist Josie saw missed some big stuff which I tried to point out (such as her weight loss and loss of energy). So I understand that feeling completely – and it adds to the second guessing. Here’s hoping the new vet you are at is good, but I understand the hesitation. It is really hard, especially after so many let downs. The only way to know for sure is through recommendations from friends (which you have through your friend’s rescue) and time – where they prove they are trustworthy. I eagerly await and read the updates on Molly, so I’m really hoping this vet knows his stuff. Fingers/paws crossed it all works out.

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