One last dog day at the office

This week, the company I work for is in the middle of moving to a new location. That means it is really empty. Especially where I sit. I decided instead of wasting an hour driving Bear home after his vet visit, I would just bring him to work since there are very few people there at the moment.

IMG_1870It was his second visit, but it was his longest – almost a full day. At first he had a blast, meeting new people, making friends. But he did get a bit tired of people after awhile – I really couldn’t blame him. I do too.

He had no problem settling down while I was in discussions with fellow co-workers. Sometimes he even figured out who needed some much needed dog time and walked over for some pets.

The biggest compliment we got was on his calm demeanor. He just chilled, waiting patiently, wherever I took him.

Perfect office dog.


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