All by myself

Bear’s day at the vet and office was the first time River was alone at home. She’s still in her crate, but still – all alone.


Four minutes after Bear and I left her, I received an alert on my phone: “Loud sound detected”

Since I was driving, I ignored it, knowing it was River.

IMG_5985I didn’t get a chance to check until Bear and I arrived at the vet’s office forty minutes later. The alarm had continued to reset and go off again for a total of five times during the drive.

I checked the video. River was howling.

After Bear’s awesome checkup, I considered bringing him home, but decided against it. River needed to learn to be alone.

The alarm didn’t go off again.

But when we returned home, River was more excited then usual. She ignored me and pestered Bear the entire time.

All Bear wanted to do was go outside and take care of business. River – she wanted to box. She followed him around the whole time, smacking him the face every now and then with her paw.

Yup, she definitely missed him. Maybe me, but mostly him.


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