And the snow came down (day two)

The first day of snow ended with about a foot of snow on the ground. There was a lull before it picked up again. I took the opportunity to dig a path for the dogs on the back deck. If they didn’t appreciate it, at least it prevented snow from being dragged into the house.

A few hours later, the snow had picked up again. The path was partially covered. Even though the wind was howling and the snow was falling, the dogs insisted on a trip outside. Wanting to stay warm, I let them out on their on. A few minutes later, they were back and ran in the house, bringing the snow with them.


After their adventure in the cold, they were content to pick spots on the couch and sleep the afternoon away. Until River got bored. She set up shop at the door.


This time, I was smart. I went and grabbed the shovel to clear the area by the door. Hopefully, it would prevent any large piles of snow from finding their way inside again.

River supervised the work from inside.


After I was done River and Bear bolted out only to discover the path off the deck was not completely cleared. They both came running back, extremely disappointed in my shoveling skills.


So I picked up the shovel and cleared the whole path.


Realizing the path was completely clear, the dogs eagerly ran off the deck – only to be surprised to land in a pile of snow at the bottom of the steps. They retreated to a snow-free place under the deck.


River was quick to come back from her adventure, eager to return inside. I think I spent more time shoveling for her then she spent outside.


She did make sure to take some time to eat more snow.


And so did Bear, this spot must have good tasting snow.


Cold adventures done for now, we all returned to the comfort of the couch to wait out the rest of the storm.


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