Learning to play in snow

Snow begins to fall

As the snow began to fall, River was excited. She wasn’t surprised by it, so she apparently has some experience with it. But she still wanted to run full speed around the yard in it.

Following footsteps

After the snow had fallen, the only safe place was under the deck. When River ventured out, she only traveled in the footsteps left by others – following a solid, easily traveled path. If she ever ventured off the path, it was only to retreat under the deck – a safe, snow-free zone.

Like a bunny

Realizing the snow wasn’t leaving anytime soon, River hopped to the other side of the yard. I’m sure it was to eat all the snow along the fence. Plus, she was out of my reach so I couldn’t stop her from eating to her heart’s content.


Once River learned she could travel beyond the well traveled path, she started to play fetch – with snowballs. She never strayed far from the path, and returned to it often.

Playtime – NOT!

Finally, all excited from a quick game of fetch, River and Bear started to play in the snow. Then they both realized it was cold and time to go inside – that was a better plan.



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