Making up for long days

At the beginning of February, I had to take a day trip for work.  It required me to be gone longer than I felt comfortable having the dogs cooped up for.  So I requested the aid of a neighbor, who, thankfully, let them out and fed them their dinner.

IMG_0225All worked out fine. I was tired from driving and the dogs were crazy with cabin fever, but all survived.

The next morning, I felt bad locking River in her kennel after having her all cooped up for so long the day before.  I mentally promised to make it up to her.

Usually during the day, I check my security camera feed to check in on the dogs.  (It is how I know Bear and River love to howl).  It also has some sensors and will send me a text whenever it detects loud sound or motion.

The day following my day trip, I kept getting alerts. I didn’t have time to check the security feed and determined Bear was just being extra loud that day.

When I finally got home after work, I was greeted by TWO dogs at the door! Stunned, I looked at River’s kennel and saw one of the doors completely open. I then realized I had forgotten to lock both doors (it has two). She probably got out a few minutes after I left her and enjoyed the entire day free as a bird.

I reviewed the footage from all the alerts she triggered that day.  She spent most of the time sleeping on the couch.

Afterwards, I no longer felt bad about the long day locked up.  After all, it was followed by her first full day of complete freedom.


3 thoughts on “Making up for long days

  1. Wow! So is River allowed to stay out during the day now? One time Dad forgot to lock Macy up and, by some miracle, she didn’t destroy anything. Mom said Macy’s not allowed to stay out though. Not yet. *ear licks* Noodle

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