Trapped Bear

I can’t believe I forgot to share Bear’s adventure on the day I had my work trip.

Bear enjoys going upstairs while I’m at work. Even when his limping is at his worst, he ignores the pain and makes his way up the steps to sleep on my bed while I’m gone.  I installed a baby gate and it works wonders to keep him downstairs.

It works wonders, that is, when I remember to latch it closed.

The day I was gone for so long, my neighbor texted me when she checked on the dogs.

“Can I leave Bear downstairs?”she asked.

I was confused.  He should only be downstairs.  I decided to give her a call to figure out what was going on.

“Uh, Bear should only be downstairs. I don’t understand your question.” I said.

“Well, when I got here, he was upstairs and wouldn’t come down.”

I laughed, knowing right away what had happened.

“Was the gate latched?” I asked.


“Yeah – when I don’t latch it, he knows how to pull it open to go up, but can’t figure out how to push it open when he comes back down.  You can leave him out.  Just latch the gate.”

We both had a bit of a chuckle at Bear, stranded at the top of the steps, blocked by an open gate.



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