Fool me twice

IMG_0372After River’s adventure on the other side of the fence, trips outside in the backyard became leashed events. I felt a bit bad, because she loved to run.  But until I had a chance to eliminate escape routes, I couldn’t trust her outside alone.

After a few days, I started letting her off leash again during daylight hours, but would accompany her.  I tried to stay a few feet away at all times, and for the most part it worked. At night when I couldn’t watch her I kept her leashed.

That worked for a bit so I decided to give her a bit more freedom and took the leash off at night.  I still supervised her though, I wasn’t about to trust her out there on her own.

Until that one night I convinced myself she’d be fine while I put my shoes on.

“It’ll be fine for a minute or two. She’s been so good,” I thought to myself.

A couple minutes later, I opened the door to go out and check the dogs.  Bear was at the door waiting to come in. I heard River, but knew immediately where she was.  I grabbed the flashlight and shined it at the gate. Sure enough, there she was – on the other side of the gate.

I’m pretty sure she ran out of the yard, around to the front of the house, heard the door open and came running back.

That made it official – night time trips are all leashed from now on until I have a chance to modify my fence so she can’t get out.


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