Fool me three times…

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me three times, seriously stop it. I’m obviously not learning.

That’s right, she escaped again.


I’ve been escorting her outside since she escaped the second time. I try and stay no more than a couple feet from her, and shoo her away from the fence if she starts to show signs of escape.

One morning, about a week ago, we were outside. River was sniffing the yard and I was casually watching her from my post a couple of feet away. Without warning, she walked to the one place in the fence I know she can get through and army crawled out of the yard and took off at a trot.

I was stunned.

She didn’t even look back when I called and whistled for her.

I opened the gate and headed after her, not too fast because I didn’t want her to think this was a chase.

She stopped in the driveway, glanced back and then kept going.

Past the mailbox.

Across the street.

Into the neighbor’s yard.

Thankfully, there she stopped to sniff (they have two dogs).

I slowly approached her and she let me grab her collar.

I threw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and headed home.

That’s when I knew – no more off leash time, even in the backyard until I figure out a way to keep her in it.

She’s gonna get restless.



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