Should have done this the first time

I have a bad habit when it comes to projects around the house.  I know what I should do, but that usually takes more time and/or money. So I take shortcuts.

I first noticed this habit when I built my shed.  I reached a point at the end when I was shingling the roof.  Towards the peak of the roof, I started to rush. I knew I should take the time and do it right – so it looked nice.  I didn’t. I slapped it together and although it would protect against the elements, it looked horrible.  The next day, I ripped it all apart and re-did it.  It cost me double the time and double the shingles because I didn’t listen to my gut the first time.

But I had this habit long before I built the shed. I did it with the fence. My original plan was to add wire fencing in between the posts and the boards. But since Josie was pretty good about staying in the yard, I nixed the plan. Plus the idea of running the wire fence along uneven ground just sounded tiring.

Now I have a dog that wants to run and explore. And I have a fence that makes escape possible. Not too pleased with my past self at the moment.

So this weekend, I set about to correct the error.

Luckily, the one easily escapable stop is easily accessible.


I carefully removed the boards. Sadly, the screws and the boards are not withstanding the test of time. I decided it would be best to use wire fence that was 5 feet instead of four feet – costs more, but in this section, I needed the extra foot.  I also decided to bury some of the fence – deter River from trying to bend the wire up to get past it.IMG_0377

It was slow progress, and I’m a bit out of shape from lounging out inside all winter. But I managed to make good progress with only a few scrapes and bruises.IMG_0380

It doesn’t look pretty, and could definitely have been pulled tighter, but it will do.


As soon as I let River out, she ran right to the fence. She was a bit surprised she couldn’t get out.

I’m hoping I don’t have to re-do the entire fence this way, that’s a lot of work. Only time will tell based on River’s next escape.

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