Whatcha got over there?

It’s a lazy Sunday morning.

I’m on the couch reading a book.

Bear is chewing on a bone.

Not hearing her, I glance at the dogs to see what River is up to. She’s staring at me, waiting for the moment to leap onto the couch. She manages to get between me and my book. I give her a great big hug.

She jumps down, and finds a toy to play with.

I turn a page.

A minute later, River is staring at me again.

I grab the toy and toss it across the room.

She runs after it and brings it back. I toss it again. This time she runs after it and then brings it upstairs.

I turn back to my book. Another page done.

River comes running back, leaving the toy upstairs. She returns to her spot staring at me.

I ignore her, managing to finish a few more pages.

She sighs and finds another creature to pester.


I almost felt sorry for Bear.




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