Honest Kitchen

Bear has never been enthusiastic about meal time. I would but some kibble in his bowl in the morning. If he was hungry, he’d eat it. Otherwise, it would sit there until he was ready. In the evening, I would add some more which he would ignore until he was hungry. Sometimes, he would go for days without eating.

When Josie stopped eating, I started paying attention to what and how I fed the dogs. I switched Bear over to dehydrated dog food (The Honest Kitchen) and gave him set breakfast and dinner times. Has it made a difference?


I can’t even explain how much of a difference it has made.

He comes running when I’m making dinner.  He jumps around all eager for his food with a silly dopey grin on his face. I honestly can’t believe this is the same dog who moped around for years looking depressed and barely ate. And right now, he is on a mix that includes raw meat and he LOVES it.  (He’s gonna miss it when I switch him back to something that doesn’t include raw meat.)

Both the dogs know to wait patiently for their food. But sometimes I can’t help it, I let Bear break all the rules.

How can I ignore that awesome grin on his face?


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