Crazy Mornings

Flashback to Monday morning.

I let the pups out to do their business while I put my shoes on (mistake!). It wasn’t long before I heard barking. I glanced out the window. River was barking up a storm at the neighbor kid. No biggie.

Then I spotted the real threat: the neighbors had a dog.

I had only seen this dog one other time – off leash and unsure of where to go.

This time was different. He was off leash BUT knew he wanted to meet the dogs in my yard – aka Bear and River.

He ran up to the fence and River went ballistic.  (Bear was excited too – NEW DOG!).

I quickly ran out there and wrangled River. I left Bear alone knowing he would be fine.

I can’t help but admit, I was highly entertained as the neighbor kids tried to get their dog. First, they chased after him. Needless to say, he just ran up and down the fence. Then, the kids gave up and the pup ran to the other side of my shed and sniffed hellos with Bear. Then, Papa Neighbor entered the picture. He wasn’t much more successful than his kids, especially when the dog tried to climb into my yard. But he did finally wrangle him, or at least scare him back into the house.

Needless to say, I felt kinda stupid holding River while in my own fenced in yard  while the neighbor attempted to control his dog.

But more so, I felt sorry for the dog. I’m sure they’ll punish him when really he just wanted to say hi.

River and I spotted him again a few days later. River went ballistic (its her calling card). He turned and ignored her. Sadly, that doesn’t make me feel comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Mornings

  1. Sounds like the neighbors need to keep their dog on a leash if it isn’t well behaved. Even though your dogs just wanted to say “hi” it can escalate into something more if the energy is wrong, which it sounds like it was with River.

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