The first time I visited the dog shop, I talked to the owner about dogs. She had four.

“Four? How to they do being home all day while you are work?”

“One’s with me right now – she’s behind the counter.”

It took me by surprise – the dog was so at home at the shop, I hadn’t even noticed her. Turns out, Piglet was never far from her owner. And she’ll be missed.

Happy Wiggle Butt

I’ve been back to the dog shop that helped me figure out what to feed Josie a handful of times since she passed. Although I haven’t frequented it as much as I would like to, I have followed their story on Facebook.

Shortly after I discovered them, I learned one of their dogs, Nova, had cancer. Shortly after, their dog with the speckled ear, Piglet, became sick as well with a heart condition.

Nova passed shortly after Josie did.

After months fighting, Piglet followed Nova across the rainbow bridge.

Even though I’m not a regular customer, those two dogs reminded me so much of Josie. One with cancer, another with the speckled ear.

Piglet – if you can – find Josie.  Keep her company for me.


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