Take II

I picked up Greta on my way home from work. As I drove past the neighbor’s house, I saw their dog was out. Knowing I was about to put my dogs and Greta into the backyard, I started planning a strategy that would prevent the chaos of the other morning.

I put Greta out back first and walked to the fence to see if the dog was leashed. Finally, they had put him on a tie out.

Knowing he wasn’t going to go running off, I went inside and retrieved my pups. They were very excited to have Greta back.

I kept watching the neighbor’s dog, to see what he would do. He perked up when he heard River and Bear. But that was all, no running towards the fence or barking.


It didn’t take long until River realized he was out. She ran over to the fence and proceeded to bark. I tried to quiet her, but so far she has yet to learn that command.

“He’s tied up, so you don’t have to worry,” said Papa Neighbor. I hadn’t even realized he and his wife were outside.

“Oh, I know – I saw. I just don’t want her to keep barking.”

“It ain’t no bother,” he said.

Maybe not to you, I thought, but it is just common courtesy not to have an incessantly barking dog.

“How about we let them say hello?” I suggested. I know from experience most of my dogs only get more excited if they can’t say hello to the thing that excites them.  Then they calm and start to ignore. Josie did it. Bear does it. River does it.

“You think?” He sounded skeptical, but lengthened the tie out long enough for the dog to come say hello from the fence.

He’s a young boxer/lab/pit mix named Bo they got a couple months ago as a puppy. The dogs had tons of fun sniffing hello through the fence. I offered if they ever wanted to, we could let them run and play in the fenced in yard. I’m sure it would go a long way to keeping things calm at the fence line, plus it would help get much needed energy out of River and Bo (who I’m sure has lots of puppy energy).  They seemed reluctant, but that might be because he can fit through the fence and escape. Maybe when he gets a little older they will change their minds.

In the meantime, Greta wasn’t too excited about meeting Bo. She found a giant stick and ran around the yard with it.


2 thoughts on “Take II

  1. So, did River quit barking once she was able to greet Bo? I think letting them play together, if they get along, would be a great idea. Even having Bo over and keep him on a long line since he can get through the fence. His scent would be in your yard and they probably wouldn’t get so excited when they see/smell him.

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    1. Yup. She just wanted to say hi and play. I’m pretty sure it would be even better if they got to play and get to know one another. And from all indications, it would go fine. Hopefully one day the neighbors will change their mind and take me up on the offer – if only to keep River quiet.

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