I took a break from yard work to grill up some lunch. That didn’t stop Greta from trying to convince me to play fetch.

First, she left the ball on the steps and just stared at it, willing it to move.


When that didn’t work, she laid down to wait patiently.


Well, sorta patiently.


Needless to say, after lunch we played fetch.

And by now, that ball was a soaking wet mess.


3 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Looks like Greta was very patient. Love her laying the ball on the step and staring at it. I wish my Tippy would play fetch, but, if it isn’t a huge stick, she pretty much isn’t interested. (Except, she loves playing Frisbee in the snow.)

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    1. It was kinda nice having a dog play fetch. None of my dogs have every enjoyed it. River will every now and then, but it usually only lasts for a couple of throws, and involves her running around the yard a few times before coming back to me.


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