New digs to check out

IMG_0232My dogs are no strangers to my office, and, on occasion, have joined me at work.

That was before – in the “old” building.

But a couple of months ago, my job moved to a new office location.

The new building has all sorts of rules to help keep it clean and pristine. For example, one of the largest conference rooms is a “no food or drink” zone. That means, it barely gets used.

With these new rules, I figured dogs would be frowned upon.

In that case, vet days would be “no work” days.

Why?  Well, my vet and my office are in two different counties – both east of where I live, which is in a third county. If I have a vet appointment, that means driving 45 minutes to the vet, then driving 45 minutes home only to drive 30-40 minutes to work (which is 15 minutes from the vet). Result: long day with lots of driving.

I was not looking forward to the first day of dealing with this.

That day was fast approaching as Bear was running out of meds. He needs bloodwork done every 6 months to ensure his liver is doing good. And I was not looking forward to missing a day of work for a 15 minute appointment to draw blood.

But fate stepped in.

Earlier this week, I heard a rumor: a dog was in the building.

Someone else had tested the waters. Granted, he was higher ranked than I was, but still – a dog is a dog.

Knowing this, I set up Bear’s appointment for Thursday morning with every intention of bringing him to the office afterwards. I even used the furminator the night before to mitigate the shedding.

When Thursday morning arrived, Bear and I piled into the truck and headed to the vet’s office.

River was not happy being left alone. In truth, she was miserable. She set my house alarm off every 5 minutes for 3 hours with her howling.

The vet’s was routine – Bear was awesome, everyone loved him and his bloodwork looks great.

Then we headed to work.

He was a champ. My cubicle area is easily blocked off to keep him contained in case he wanted to wander. But in reality, he just wanted me around. Every now and then I’d run to the kitchen or restroom and ask a co-worker to watch him. In one instance, I found Bear wandering the hall looking for me. Apparently, he’s attached to me.

IMG_0233And my concerns about dogs not being welcome – well they were quickly put to rest when one of the VPs came over to say hi. I can’t even express how much I love that my dog is welcome at work.

Coming home was a bit different though. Normal routine is River clobbering me with excitement. This time, she clobbered Bear and didn’t give me the slightest thought.

I’m thinking she missed him.




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