IMG_0507Shortly after I got River, I was concerned she may experience separation anxiety when I left for work every day. Part of this fear was my experience with Bear and part of it was her strong attachment that she developed for me very quickly.

Doing what I do best, I sought advice from Google.

One piece of advice I decided to try, and I’ve stuck with it. Every time I leave her, I say a key phrase. And every time I return, I say a different key phrase. The idea is she’ll learn that when she hears the first one, she’ll know I’ll come back. And when she hear’s the second, she knows I returned.

So every morning, before leaving the house I tell her:

No power in the ‘verse

And every afternoon, upon my return, I greet her with:

Hello, sweetie

Nothing like combining sci-fi franchises all related around characters named River to re-assure your dog you love them.


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