Crisis averted

IMG_0688Shortly after the dogs came in from a venture outside, I noticed Bear was standing funny. His back right leg was stretched out in front of him and when he moved, he didn’t want to put any weight on it and always returned it to the same awkward position.

I watch him for a few seconds, as he circled and carefully laid down.

My first concern was he had injured his leg outside, or perhaps he had injured it during one of the many times River had run into him full speed.  She does that sometimes, usually knocking him of his feet.

I went over to him and ran my hand down his leg to his paw.

And that’s when I felt it.

“You’re fine,” I told him as I removed the burr that was trapped by his fur in between his toes.

As I walked to the trash to throw it out, Bear got up to follow me. Cautiously at first, then realizing he no longer had anything digging into his paw he trotted around a bit.

I think I’m his hero.


One thought on “Crisis averted

  1. Yes. You are his hero. Glad that is all it was. Tippy gets burrs, seeds, and other things stuck in her fur all the time. She’s getting better at letting me get them out, but she’s not happy. I make sure I don’t pull where it will hurt. I think she just wants to keep the suviniers from her adventures. 😉


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