Old hobbies

I have always loved looking at the stars. When I was younger, I had a telescope, but it was cheap and unsteady and the only thing I could look at through it was the moon. But even that was jittery. So a few years ago I decided to invest in a real telescope.  After a lot of research, I settled on the Orion XT8i.

When it arrived, the moon was the easiest thing to test it out on. And, well, it looked like the moon. I eagerly awaited for the opportunity to spot something new. Something I had never seen before.

I remember the first night I saw Jupiter with the telescope. I was walking home from a neighbor’s house, well past midnight, and I spotted something extremely bright in the sky.

Hmmmmm, I thought, I wonder what that is? Wait – I can find out!

As soon I as I arrived him, I pulled out the telescope and set it up on the back porch. Bear and Josie were really confused – after all, it was bed time. But they enjoyed spending some time outside in the cool evening.

After a few minutes, I found what I was looking for.

Wait – is that?

I hesitated to believe what I was looking at.

Yes, yes it is, I told myself.

I was looking at Jupiter and all its moons.

And It. Was. Awesome.

A few nights later, I spotted Saturn in the sky. At the time, its rings weren’t inclined, so it lost some of its charm, but it was still clearly Saturn. It, too, was awesome.

I remember the last time I pulled out the telescope. Josie, Bear and I ventured to a friend’s house to view the moon one evening when it was closest to the Earth. It was huge without the telescope. With it, it was kinda insane.

That was a while ago, and the scope ended up squirreled away in the house over the past couple of years.

Until this past Monday.

It all started Sunday evening when I let River and Bear out before bedtime. I spotted Saturn and Mars in the sky. That’s when I realized they were perfect for viewing. The next day, after work I pulled out the telescope and set it up, eager to see the planets one more time. And for kicks and giggles, I decided to try to capture the moments using my phone. It kinda surprises me how well that worked.

First, the moon. It is still glorious.


Then Jupiter. I think the moons are the coolest part.

Jupiter 0007

By the time Mars and Saturn started to rise, the clouds rolled in.

Next clear night, I’ll be out there looking for more awesome planet views.


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