Hurt feelings

Springtime yard work has become a routine at my house. When I’m working in the front yard, I leave the door open so River and Bear can watch me. While in the back, I let them out to join me. At first, River was unsure what to do, but has slowly learned that she can do whatever she wants within the confines of the yard.

IMG_0551Last weekend, I let the two dogs out while I mowed the backyard. When I was almost done, River came wandering into the yard, looking to play. I decided to take a break and picked up a stick. River got excited. I gave it a good throw, hoping she would play fetch. As if on cue, she chased after it, picked it up and proceeded to run around the yard with it.

After a few laps, she settled down about 10 feet from my location. I walked over, grabbed the stick and tossed it again. She chased after it, then ran around proudly with it and soon settled down to chew on it after a few laps. I walked over to pick it up, thinking we had a new game. River had other ideas.

She growled.

That was enough for me, I called it quits. I went back to the lawn mower and fired it up.

River looked at me, shocked I didn’t want to play any more.

She got up and trotted over to the gate for the fence, a few feet from her famous escape route.

I watched her.

She got down into her army crawl position in front of the gate and attempted to leave the yard.

“No!” I shouted over the lawn mower.

She jumped up and looked at me.

I shook my head.

She held hers down in sadness and walked back to the deck.

I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure she had her feelings hurt and was about to run away from home.

Thankfully, she changed her mind.


3 thoughts on “Hurt feelings

  1. Poor River. I’m glad she decided to NOT run away. I am working with Tippy on NOT growling at mom. It is not acceptable behavior. I don’t want to have to worry if she gets into something that is harmful that I may get bitten getting it away from her. She’s getting better, but not quite there yet. 😉

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    1. I’m pretty confident River has no idea growling is unacceptable during playtime and she was just playing when I tried to take the stick. I hear a similar growl when she plays with Bear. Her social skills need work. That said, I’m super glad she decided not to run off – that took me by surprise. I think I have a teenager on my hands.


      1. LOL I think I do too. Tippy does growl when I try to take a stick, but I know that is a play growl. Now, when I try to get a juicy bone away from her, that’s a totally different story and a behavior we are continually working on.


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