I let River and Bear out this afternoon.  I followed to keep an eye on them. It wasn’t long before I realized the neighbor’s were outside with their dog Bo. Both Bear and River had trotted over to the fence to check him out. River made sure to make her presence known with a lot of barking. And for the first time, Bo answered back.

He was tied up and eager to say hello, hence the barking.

Realizing River wasn’t going to quiet down any time soon, I went back inside and put some shoes on. When I returned outside, I walked to the fence where Bear and River were. Two of the neighbor kids were at the fence looking at them, one covering his ears to drown out the barking. I understood this feeling. River was LOUD.

Although Bo was making noise, it wasn’t as bad as River. She was loud and hyper.

Papa Neighbor was outside as well, and upon realizing the dogs were making a commotion, he went and retrieved Bo.  He calmly walked Bo over the fence and the dogs sniffed hello. Bear was his usual calm self. Bo, although a little excited was easily controlled and listened extremely well to Papa Neighbor. River, well, I’m ashamed – she was her typical excited self. She didn’t listen to anyone and just wanted to bark and sniff and jump and get all excited.

I initially had my doubts about my neighbors and their new dog.

Jokes on me.

They trained that puppy well. Wonder if they’ll train River for me?


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