Not quite normal

Since Bear’s last visit to the office, I’ve had multiple requests for him to return. Bear was more than happy to oblige by not feeling well.

IMG_5145I first noticed a slight change in his behavior around 5am Monday morning. I awoke to the sound of him whimpering at the bottom of the steps. Bummed about waking up so early on a day off, I got up to let him out. He was extremely eager to go relieve himself.

I returned to bed and thought nothing about it.

Until breakfast time.

He only ate one or two bites before walking away.

I picked up his food to prevent River from gobbling it down. I re-offered it to him later in the day and Bear had no trouble finishing it off.

Concerned, but not wanting to jump to conclusions, I waited another day to see if he bounced back.

The next morning, Bear repeated his behavior. Then when I returned home from work, I knew for sure something was wrong.

He was extremely eager to get outside, more so than normal.  Once outside, he didn’t hesitate to pee. In multiple spots.  All around the yard. And that’s when I spotted it – blood. He had blood in his urine. I grabbed the phone and dialed the vet, thankful they were still open for another 30 minutes. It wasn’t long before I had an appointment set up for Bear the following afternoon.

On the plus side, he got to spend a full day at the office. Once again, he was a huge hit – following me everywhere I went.

On the down side, the vet diagnosed him with a raging UTI. I wasn’t surprised – he had all the classic signs. I was surprised to find out he’s probably had it a week or two and the NSAIDs he is on for arthritis probably mask the pain. Poor pup.

It did surprise my co-workers when I filled them in on the diagnosis. No one could tell he was in pain, he was just calm and relaxed.

Since being on his meds, he is improving. No more early morning wake up calls. No more blood sightings. And no more walking around the yard attempting to pee everywhere.  But his appetite is still off.  I might have to switch up the food to see if it helps.

Back to another positive, he has a follow up next week to make sure it is completely knocked out of his system.  Looks like he’ll be returning to the office for the day!




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