Plan Riverwalk

Determined to build River’s endurance, I set out for another idea on how to make my dog last at least 30 minutes on a brisk walk. After all, she’s a dog – it can’t be this hard.  Can it?

IMG_0719After some research, “Plan Riverwalk” was formulated. It consists of 30 minute walks, the first part at a brisk pace and the rest at a regular, casual pace. Every week, the number of minutes at a brisk pace increase while the rest decrease.

With the plan in mind, I set about on our first walk using the new plan. River kept up, for the first part. The second half was extremely slow, but she made it.

And although she appeared exhausted, that didn’t stop her from chasing some critter in the yard a few minutes after we returned home.

I think this plan will work.


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