Personal space

When Bear got sick, he stopped eating in the morning. I was hoping when he started getting better, his appetite would return. It did, but not his morning appetite. I often found that although he appeared eager to eat, he would walk away from his bowl after a bite or two.

When I returned home from work, I would put his breakfast out for him to try again and he would eagerly eat. This meant he had two evening meals – his breakfast as soon as I returned home and his dinner later on in the evening.

River wanted in on this plan. But instead of not eating breakfast, she just invaded Bear’s personal space while he ate.

Don’t mind me, just sitting here while you eat…

I’m not entirely sure Bear enjoyed this invasion.

Uh – watcha got there? Anything good?

The good news is Bear is back to eating breakfast. No more weird food plans for either dog.


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