River’s first bath

I’m a horrible dog owner. I can’t even remember the last time I gave Bear a bath. And I hadn’t attempted with River yet. I won’t bore you with the excuses. Needless to say, this weekend marked River’s first bath.

First up, Bear. I figured he would show her how it was done. I was gentle on my senior dog. He sat halfway through, not having the strength in his back legs to power through. When he was done, River wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


I could almost hear her taunting him, “Haha – look at you. All wet. You look funny. Haha. Glad it ain’t me!”


Than she looked at me, as if to say, “I’m awesome. And clean. Trust me, I don’t need a bath.”

I filled her in on her near future. She was less than thrilled.

Despite her trepidation, she did great. And once it was over, she did what just about all dogs do: run around in circles wanting to play. She even tried to get me to play, so I guess she doesn’t hate me for putting her through the torture of a bath.


And because a picture does not do it justice, here is just a small sampling of her post bath sprinting.


One thought on “River’s first bath

  1. Don’t feel bad. Mom only used to give khia a bath at holiday time when family would come. She does feel horribly guilty now, though. Plus, having Macy, a white dog, has made her realize just how disgustingly dirty khia must’ve been.


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