And the thunder rolls

Bear has always been skittish during storms. It seems, in his old age it is getting worse. Just the other day, he was following me around the house. His clinginess had me a bit concerned. I looked outside and discovered what he was sensing.


A storm was rolling in.

In his youth, I never thought about trying to comfort him during the storms, fearing it would just make it worse. But now he is an old man, and I hate to see him nervous. I want to do what I can to make him feel safe.

He is now sporting a new Thundershirt.


As soon as it arrived, I put it on him to make sure it fit. The instructions say to let him wear it for 5-10 minutes when there is no chance of anxiety so he learns it is a positive thing.

After a few petrified moments of “What is this thing on me?”, he seemed relaxed. I made sure to give him a few treats.

Then I heard it – the thunder.

So much for trying it out when a storm isn’t coming.

Regardless, he seems a bit better. Still curled up on the couch with me, but relaxed and not panting and terrified like normal.

Probably should have tried this years ago.


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