The verdict

The storm was short.

Shortly after it began, I settled in on the couch. Bear and River joined me. Bear promptly fell asleep, ignoring the rumblings coming from the sky.

After a while, I realized it had been a long time since I had heard the thunder. Maybe it was time to take off Bear’s new shirt.

I looked at him. He looked really comfortable.


And frankly, River looked more nervous than he did, and she does fine during storms.


Since the storm had passed and I didn’t want to overdue it the first time out, I took off Bear’s shirt.

That was his queue to jump off the couch and follow me around the house.

And then the panting started.

And the fast breathing.

I grabbed the shirt and put it back on him.

He’s back to sleeping on the couch. Peacefully.

I have no idea if this will work long term, but for now, I’m convinced it is helping.


2 thoughts on “The verdict

  1. I’m lucky that Tippy isn’t afraid of storms. I think it helped that the first storm she encountered, I took her in the garage and we played fetch and games. I didn’t know that I was doing the right thing, but, apparently, giving her a calm, happy association with storms has made her not be afraid of them. I have heard others say that the thunder shirt really works for their dogs as well.

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    1. The really interesting thing is my first dog, Josie, was never afraid of storms. Then Bear came along and had stress over them. Over time, Josie started to stress over storms. If only it had worked the other way. Oh well. At least the thundershirt is a pretty safe solution.

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