What humans do all day

Bear has had plenty of trips to the office. Courtesy of his old age. The more vet trips he has, the more times he spends the day with me at work.

River, on the other hand, has missed out. But today was her yearly checkup.

Yearly? I know it sounds strange. I haven’t even had her for a year. But she was picked up by the shelter in August, so she was due for some vaccinations.

The trip to the vet was awesome. They all loved her. And she has calmed down immensely since the first trip where she practically mauled the vet. Today, Dr. K gave her a clean bill of health, including a comment on how great her coat is. Once again, she asked what I feed the dogs, obviously impressed with the results.

River and I then made our way to work, where she showed off how different from Bear she was. I made sure to bring toys to keep her busy. Her first hour she was busy saying hi to everyone she could, but she eventually settled down.


Of course, she never stayed settled for too long. She would eventually get up to sniff, say hello to folks, and look out longingly over the barricade we put up to keep her in our area. And sometimes, she’d crawl under my desk. I think she thought she was helping me get stuff done.


She also encouraged playtime with folks. See, I don’t normally play tug-of-war with her. But I gave everyone else free reign to. Especially since River enjoyed it. So sure enough, instead of the usual office break games, today we played fetch and tug-of-war.


And River loved it. IMG_0994_2

After her long day at work, River was glad to be home.


I’m pretty sure she’s gonna appreciate sleeping on the couch every day instead of being hard at work entertaining humans all day.


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