Scary Kitchen

Shortly after River joined the family, I discovered she was scared of the kitchen. At first, I didn’t notice. She would eagerly follow me around in the kitchen all the time. Then one day, I heard it.

The sound of her scaring herself.

It would happen when she decided to turn around. She’d do it slowly, then reach a point where she jumped a little as she finished the turn.

Since then, her fear has only gotten worse. She’ll walk part way in to the kitchen, then freeze. Unsure of what to do next.

Initially, I thought I had caused this problem by enforcing the “Out of the Kitchen” rule. The dogs are welcome in the kitchen, until I ask them to leave. Since this was a boundary, I thought I was enforcing it too much and that caused the fear.

Now, I’m not so sure.

I honestly think River has a fear of floors. And the type, color, feel of it, all sorts of things, all play a role in her level of fear.

IMG_0996River’s recent trip to the office reinforced this idea. There are three types of floors at the office: carpet, vinyl and super shiny painted cement.

River did fine on the carpet.

As soon as she spotted the vinyl, she hesitated. With some encouragement, she made it over it, but the fear was there.

But she lost it on the super shiny painted cement.

As soon as she spotted it, she made a beeline for an area rug and laid down. After some encouragement, I managed to get her walking on it, including down a long hallway, but any chance she had to step on carpet (such as in office entranceways and adjoining hallways) she did. IMG_0998My favorite moment was when we were walking down the long hallway and she decided to hug the wall. She refused to deviate from her wall hugging plan and walked right into two gentleman in her path.

As much as she was traumatized by the floor, as soon as her feet felt carpet, she returned to normal as if nothing was wrong.

I don’t know why she’s so scared, but perhaps its something we need to work on. At least at home, it is only isolated to the kitchen.


5 thoughts on “Scary Kitchen

    1. The really interesting part is, she outright stopped walking before stepping onto a vinyl floor. So I think it is more than slippery or texture. She keys off something visual as well as texture. It will be interesting to work with her to help her overcome it.

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  1. Tippy had an episode of being afraid of the utility room all of a sudden. Then she was afraid of the door. The door didn’t last long, but she still has issues with the utility room. I just try to not pay too much attention to it and watch my energy. With the different floors at work, you probably just need to give her positive experiences on all of the surfaces – maybe with a favorite toy or treat. It can’t hurt.


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