Time for some challenges

Last week, I got it in my head that River needs some challenges in her life. I went to the internet for some ideas and came away with the Kong Wobbler. It dispenses food as the dog plays with it, as long as the dog figures out the right way to play with it. River tends to eat kibble really fast, so not only will this slow her down, it will hopefully exercise her mind at the same time and hopefully be fun for her.

The first day, River just wanted to chew on it. She’d pick it up, something hard for her to do given its size, and carrying it off to chew on.

The second day, she figured it out and was kicking it all over the floor to get the food out. The only time it was a problem was when she kicked it right into Bear and then growled at him to get away from her toy. Poor Bear was confused.

Over all, I think she likes it.

If anything, I’m at least entertained.




4 thoughts on “Time for some challenges

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