Hypochondriac Dog Owner (or not)

Last week, I discovered Bear’s ears were caked with dark discharge. A sure sign of infection. I cleaned them and decided to wait to see if it came back, just incase I was overreacting.

Days went by and everyday, I would check his ears and they were slightly dirty, but nothing compared to that first day. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe his ears were just fine.

So I waited some more. And although his ears continued to look okay, he was starting to scratch them and shake his head.

Unsure if his ears really had problems, I decided to be on the safe side and scheduled an appointment with the vet. I’d either be right, or I would have to accept the fact I might be turning into a hypochondriac when it comes to Bear.

The verdict: Yeast infection in one ear, bacterial infection in the other. Not a hypochondriac.

After my victory of being right, and catching it extremely early, Bear got to spend the rest of the day at work. He is becoming quite used to it. And after River’s recent day at the office, I decided to document Bear’s day.

First, he settled in, making sure everyone knew he was there.


Next, I had to get some work done. So Bear helped out while I pair programmed with a co-worker.


Everywhere I went, Bear went. At one point, he even guarded the entrance to some desks. It looks like he was keeping people out, but I think he was keeping me in so he could rest.


And let’s not forget all the love and attention he got.


Towards the end of the day, he was getting a little tired of me working so he figured out a way to stop me. Very similar to River in this respect.


And let’s not forget, he had to try out the floor. All the times he’s been to the office, I’ve never taken him to Center Court. Remember, River had problems. Bear, well, I think he just wanted to know why it was so empty.




2 thoughts on “Hypochondriac Dog Owner (or not)

  1. Glad you caught the ear infections early. I, too, feel like a doggie hypochondriac sometimes. Tippy had an ear infection last year. The vet accidently hurt her when he did a swab and, after that, she didn’t want anyone touching her ears for a while. So, getting the drops in was a chore. But, I managed with a little help from my friends. Looks like Bear enjoyed the day at work and your co-workers enjoyed it too.


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