Learning to be patient

When River first arrived, she had a bad habit of jumping at the door to let me know she wanted to come back inside. I’ve worked very hard at breaking her of the habit. She still does it once in awhile, usually only when she is very excited.

img_1144The other night, before bed, I let her and Bear out. Bear only took a few minutes. River took her time. As we waited, I turned out all the lights while I prepared to head upstairs. Bear laid down on the floor, waiting for the moment he had to go up stairs. I took the opportunity to sat down next to Bear and spent some quality time with him. He loves it when I am at his level. And I think he loves the peace and quiet the accompanies the moments when River is outside exploring.

After a bit, I looked over at the door.

There was River.

Waiting patiently to come inside.



One thought on “Learning to be patient

  1. Adopt, Dont shop

    This is great ! it takes for both you and river to be patient with each. The lesson here is what you give is what you get. You showed River that you are patient with him and has hope. In return, he shown you great respect and patient ! 🙂


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