Turning point

Last week was a turning point for Bear.

Over the past couple of months, his back legs have been getting weaker and weaker. To make matters worse, he HATES asking for help.  This means stairs are a battle. He insists on absolutely NO help. Even if it takes him extra time to get up them.

Getting up stairs is fine, but slow. But he does it. Getting down them was starting to become a challenge. I noticed it a while back – his back end would try and race his front end. He managed to control it, but soon it was turning into him just racing himself down the stairs. Not a good combination.

Than last week it happened.

No, thankfully, he did not fall down the stairs.

He stopped himself mid step and just sat down. Recognizing he could not safely go down the stairs, he let me pick him up and carry him. He only started squirming once I hit the last step.

img_1129I think this hits me harder than it does him. It was only last year he was a spunky dog compared to Josie. She was the senior dog who couldn’t do stairs. Now it’s him. I don’t know if her passing has accelerated his aging or it just seems that way.

Here’s hoping this is just a bump in the road and he still has a long road in front of him.


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