Did you know a year ago it was raining?

A year ago, it rained for a week (or at least it felt like it did). It continued through the weekend, with the next day of sunshine forecasted for Monday.

How do I know this? Josie proceeded to get worse through the week as the rain continued. On Saturday, October 3rd, she took a turn for the worse. I hoped she would make it until the sunshine came back on Monday. Sadly, she didn’t.

This past week its been raining.




I couldn’t help but notice. Then Saturday rolled around and it felt like a repeat of one year ago. Except my dogs are fine. I just remember the rainy Saturday afternoon last year.

img_4327My last Saturday with Josie.

Today is the anniversary of her passing. But it reminded me of the Monday that occurred two days after her death. First, it was a Monday. Second, it was the first day of sunshine in a long while. Third, it was the end of a sprint at work, which means a day full of meetings.

To help me through today, I brought Bear to work (again). I usually avoid bringing him on sprint meeting days. Sometimes customers are there, and it is a full day of back to back meetings.

But today I made an exception.

I needed my pseudo-therapy dog.


2 thoughts on “Did you know a year ago it was raining?

  1. *sniffle* We miss Josie. Surely not as much as you do but we miss hearing stories of her and the feeling of hope we had for her “recovery”. She was a strong, beautiful girl. The coincidence of rain and sunshine is oddly comforting. Just a perfect sign that she’s with you. *ear licks*

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