Last minute switch

The day after Bear’s vet appointment, I received a call from Dr I. She had been thinking a lot about Bear and was convinced we needed to make one additional change. She wanted to switch him off the NSAIDs he was on and start using Prednisone. It’s a bit of a drastic change, but she had a reason.

Not only were Bear’s back legs giving out, he acted like he had no idea where they were. She observed him walk, and the way he threw his legs around had her really concerned. Add to it, they’ve been knuckling. And unlike a couple months ago, he wouldn’t correct the knuckled paw – he’d leave it.

Her hope is the Prednisone will help any inflammation in the spine that is causing problems with his nervous system.

This morning, I gave him his first dose of Prednisone (after a couple of days off his NSAIDs). I came home to a well rested Bear – I think he slept all day. But what a difference. His legs still give out and give him trouble, but no knuckling. And – this was the biggest change so far – he actually ran around a bit.

What a difference.

I hope he doesn’t need this long term, but for now, it has helped.


5 thoughts on “Last minute switch

    1. Yes and no. Based on my google-foo DM is one of the big neurological issues that cause it. But arthritis can cause it too. (Although DM is sometimes misdiagnosed as arthritis.) When Bear first started having wobbly legs, Dr K purposefully did flipped his paw to see if he righted it – and he did, just really slowly. She said that was a sign it was weakness, not neurological. He was aware of its position, but it took a lot of effort to fix. Made sense. When his symptoms got worse, and the knuckling got worse, he started acting like he had no idea where his feet or legs were. Even though it appears neurological, the arthritis could still be the cause. As it wears away at his spine (which they confirmed on x-ray), it starts to effect the nerves and stuff and the inflammation along with the worn down spine interrupts signals (I’m paraphrasing). I’m not a huge fan of Prednisone long term, but after one full day on it, the knuckling has all but stopped. Not being an expert, I take that as a good sign it is not strictly neurological, but something induced by his arthritis. He’ll be monitored closely for the next few weeks as we go in for laser therapy, but so far – he’s improving dramatically.

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