img_0025The daytime vet called around five Saturday evening to report that Bear continued to improve. She reported that he was even being a bit vocal to get some attention. He’s usually quiet, so it made me chuckle. She let me know Dr C would check him out in the evening and he’d let me know if he would go home or spend another night. She assumed he would want on more night to keep an eye on Bear.

Sure enough, shortly before 8PM I got the call. Although Bear continued to improve, they wanted one more night with him. I was fine with that – better safe than sorry.

The following morning, Dr C called early, shortly after 8AM. “You ready for another buddy at home?” he asked. Was I ever.

I took care of River and then jumped in the truck to get Bear.

It wasn’t long after arriving that they walked Bear out. He was ready to go home, and I was ready to have him back. River might of had her doubts.

img_0027Bear has adjusted nicely to being home. Lots of trips outside – all those fluids has made him have to pee a LOT. He’s extremely eager to eat. He’s on a strict diet of 75% rice and 25% boiled chicken. To be safe, I’m feeding him lots of small meals often. He doesn’t like that part – he is really hungry. And in between going outside and eating he is sleeping. LOTS.  Poor pup is tired.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit nervous about the first time he has to poop. And I’m sure he is too.

Here’s hoping he’s all back to normal.


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