Meet the AmStaff mix

img_0354I’ve only every had mutts. I’ve never had much interest to know what they are made of. Josie was particularly interesting, and during her many trips to various vets I heard lots of suggestions about what she could possibly be. But unfortunately, I’ll never know.

After being inspired, I decided to do DNA tests on Bear and River. Mostly for fun. But a part of me was really curious about River. A neighbor down the street swears she is a Boxer/Point – something I don’t see. So I figured it would be fun to see if he was right.

I’m still waiting on Bear’s results, but River’s are in. And the neighbor was wrong. She’s got American Staffordshire Terrier (mostly), Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever in her, and trace amounts of lots of other stuff.


Can’t wait for Bear’s results. In the meantime, meet my AmStaff mix – aka a MUTT: River.


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