Old dogs deserve comfy beds

I never thought much about dog beds. Then I realized I had senior dogs. Then I thought a lot about dog beds. I went the extra mile, and got extra comfy beds for my senior dogs. (Or what I thought were extra comfy beds.)

Flash forward to couple of weeks ago. I noticed Bear hadn’t been using the beds that much. River uses the couch, but Bear spends more time on the floor than the bed. I was curious about this, so I went over to one of the beds and sat on it. When I first got it it was comfy. Now, my boney butt sank right to the floor. I bet to Bear, laying on the bed was no different than laying on the floor.

I was a bit disappointed – I spent decent money on those beds. But in reality, they were just overrated egg crate foam.

Just by chance, something popped up in my FB feed – a high end dog bed seller was having a fundraiser for rescues. I started thinking, and researching and decided to go all in on a new bed for Bear. And, it was nice to know part of the proceeds would go to a good cause. I even picked a rescue specifically for senior dogs.

It was a lot more than I’d ever admit spending on a dog bed. But it has a 10 year warranty – all the dog beds I’ve owned in that time won’t equal the cost. And, I know for a fact I feel better on a good bed. Senior dogs with achey joints have got to feel the same way.

I was excited when the dog bed arrived, hoping it would live up to the hype. Bear and River were also excited.


The box was relatively small, given how big the bed is. But, it is made of memory foam and I’m always impressed how compressed it can be.


River was VERY excited about the bed. (She was a bit disappointed when I told her it was for Bear.)img_0055

After all the unwrapping, the bed expanded to its normal size. Seriously? How did they fit that in the box?


Once I put it where Bear’s old bed was, River promptly made herself at home. Non-confrontational Bear found a spot on the floor.img_0060

It didn’t take long before Bear found his way up onto the bed.


And let’s just say…img_0063

I think he enjoys it.


And, for comparison, here’s the old bed next to the new one – doesn’t come close to matching size, comfort or quality.img_0070

(Some things are worth the cost.)


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