I’m a believer

It’s been awhile since I updated on Bear’s progress.

As a reminder, back in October, he could barely walk. He was walking on his knuckles, stumbling and falling over. Overall, he was extremely wobbly.

After a month of treatment, I posted about his progress and my conclusions about the treatments he was undergoing.

Here we are, 5 months after he started treatment. How is he doing? Better than he’s been in a long time.

He actively runs around and jumps up when he gets excited.

He fights off River when she tries to pummel him.

He bounds up the deck steps, two at a time.

He trots up a full flight of stairs, trying to race me up them.

He is feeling so good, that at this week’s laser treatment, the vet tech told me he didn’t want to sit still, he wanted to explore.

I’m amazed at his progress. I routinely sit back and watch him as he runs arounds – appreciating how special it is.

So, 5 months later, what do I think helped him most? Well, he hasn’t had an Adequan injection since November. And he is back on Novox instead of Prednisone. But we’ve been keeping up with his laser treatments. Once a week, we visit the vet and he gets his treatment.

Bear – enjoying the great outdoors. He would spend hours in that spot just watching the world if he could.

I don’t understand it, and I had my doubts it was doing anything. But my dog can walk, and run, and jump, and he looks happy. It is doing a pure miracle to make my old dog feel young again.


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