Center Court Lunch

When it was warm outside, Bear had no trouble joining me for lunch at our local Chipotle – they have outdoor seating. But once it got cold, we resorted to getting our food to go and eating it in “Center Court”.

What’s “Center Court”? At my company, it is this awesome place to just chill. Lots of tables and areas to socialize with co-workers.

To River – it is scary.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e4e1To Bear – it is a very empty place.

These days, he joins us as we eat lunch at one of the booths. And, sometimes, he sits quietly watching us, hoping we’ll toss him a scrap.

Other times, he is sniffing around all the other tables. Or saying hi to everyone else to see if they want to share their lunch.

Unlike River, these floors don’t scare him.




2 thoughts on “Center Court Lunch

  1. I can see how the floors would scare River. They look pretty slick. I have slick tile in my master bath and she has yet to put all 4 feet on the tile in there. So, I can actually take a shower without prying eyes. LOL


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