Scaring the neighbors

I never let River out alone – she runs off, even when I do watch her. It has been a whole two weeks since she did.

I let my guard down.

I was chatting with the neighbor kids, who had recently said good bye to their own dog Bo. I was distracted – River took advantage and slipped out of the fence as quickly as she could.

I ran after, not locking the fence behind. Usually, I catch up before she had gone too far.

This time, I couldn’t keep up and I started to worry about Bear trying to follow us.

River slipped into a yard and disappeared.

I couldn’t see the house anymore and decided to return to check on Bear and fetch a leash.

As I did so, I came across a Mom and kid walking their two small dogs. They heard the commotion and was scared. They asked me to walk with them.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e5dcNot sure what River would do, because I really don’t know, I asked them to come with me while I checked on Bear. And promised to walk them home.

Bear was safely on the deck. Confused. But safe.

I ran inside, grabbed a leash, locked Bear inside and took off in search of River. And tried to re-assure the Mom all was okay.

Halfway down the road, River greeted us.

She was easy to catch, but the Mom wasted no time continuing on her way home. As soon as I leashed River, I knelt down in relief to having her under control. I glanced around and saw the Mom and her pups scurry to their home. I’m still not sure into which house, they just wanted as far away from the loose dog as possible. I couldn’t blame them. I couldn’t re-assure them River was safe. And she just wanted to be out on a nice stroll with her dogs.

River has escaped enough times to scare me into something I don’t want – better fencing. Tomorrow’s task will be setting up a new barrier for her. We will see if it works.

Until then, I’m pretty sure a walk of penance is in order. If not for her, for me. The neighbors shouldn’t be scared of her. And I at least owe them an apology. If I can find them.


Bear’s Favorite Co-worker

Bear had settled in nicely while I was working. He found a spot on the floor and was napping. I was deep in a pile of work, focused – not paying attention to him.

It wasn’t long after lunch that I heard a co-worker exclaim, “Bear – where you going?”

I looked around. He was gone.

I had my suspicions. Evie must be around.

Sure enough, I found Bear. He had heard/smelled Evie and went wandering until he found her.

They get along great, and this time was no exception. They had a few minutes of play time before we broke them up so we could get back to work.

But that didn’t mean Bear didn’t go wandering a bit later until he found her. But this time, she was contained. And, fortunately, she is still too young to figure out how to leap over her barricade.