Valuable Lesson

Sunday evening, I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night. While I tried to get to sleep, I heard River make a noise every now and then. After a few times of hearing her, I turned on the light. She looked at me, as if nothing was wrong. So, I turned the light off.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e601She repositioned herself. I started to pet her and she rolled over so I could rubbed her belly. She seemed perfectly content.

Not long after, the noise came back. Then, finally, she got up and acted like she was leaving the room. Finally, I decided to see if she had to go out.

Boy did she ever. As soon as she knew I was getting out of bed, she raced down the stairs and proceeded to do her morning ritual of running around the living room and throwing herself at the door. I was barely able to put on my shows, put on her leash and grab a flashlight, she was so excited.

As soon as we got outside, I knew why. She had to go. And it wasn’t normal – she had doggy diarrhea.

Poor pup.

I went into “Dog Watch” mode. All night, I kept an eye on her, only having to take her out one more time. In the morning, she seemed ok, but I worked a short day to be on the safe side.

For the first time since owning dogs, I fasted River for 24 hours since her last meal to help give her system time to settle down. Once that time was up, I started her on rice and chicken.

She seemed perfectly normal. No more problems.

Then, I made a huge mistake.

On Wednesday morning, I assumed she was fine. So I started to re-introduce her to her normal food. I did this and went off to work.

I came home to a mess. I’m sure most people would have just sold the house instead of cleaning it up. … OK, it wasn’t that bad, but there was a lot of diarrhea to clean up.

Much to her disappointment, I re-started the process – which meant a fast until 24 hours after her last meal. The next day, I worked from home so I could keep an eye on her and feed her small meals of chicken and rice throughout the day. She wasn’t thrilled with these small meals, but at least she seemed to be improving.

I learned a valuable lesson – never rush a dog recovering from GI issues. And never re-introduce normal food (even a little) and leave for the day.

This time around, she’ll be eating chicken and rice for at least a few days. (Thanfully, she isn’t complaining about the chicken.)


One thought on “Valuable Lesson

  1. Poor River. Tippy had a bout of diarrhea a few weeks ago, so I understand. Fortunately, we didn’t have a mess to clean up inside and she did okay when I reintroduced her normal food, slowly.


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